Deep Linking

Open your dApp with Blocto in one click

With Blocto deep link, you can boost the conversion rate new sign-ups. According to our partners, it has improved from 5% to 80%

  • URL: the URL of your dApp

  • BLOCKCHAINS: (optional) blockchains you dApp use, comma separated. ethereum/tron/flow/bsc/solana/polygon/avalanche

For example:

  • CryptoKitties

  • BloctoSwap (Cross-chain),flow

For new users

  1. User gets guided to App Store or Google Play according to their device

  2. User downloads Blocto

  3. Create Blocto account in 3 seconds

  4. User gets directed to your dApp with their newly created account

For existing Blocto users

  1. Blocto app gets activated

  2. User gets directed to your dApp with their existing Blocto account

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