Using Blocto SDK in Flow dApps


Flow, built by Dapper Labs, is a decentralized platform built to support the next generation of games, apps, and the digital assets that power them.
Flow has a few unique designs that make it particularly suitable for consumer facing dApps, such as an account system with built-in multi-sig mechanism, built-in fee subsidization and resource-oriented smart contract language Cadence. It also provides much better scalability than Ethereum, which is necessary for mass market adoption.

Flow JavaScript SDK

Flow ships with a bundle JavaScript libraries including Flow SDK and Flow Client Library (FCL). With these libraries, web-based dApps can interact with Flow blockchain easily. If you're familiar with dApp development on Ethereum, they're basically the web3.js for Flow.
Flow Client Library, or FCL, defines how web-based dApps can interact with wallet providers like Blocto SDK. In the following sections, we will show you how to use Blocto wallet service in your Flow dApp.
Last modified 1yr ago
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