Web3 Provider Integration - Ethereum / Arbitrum / Optimism / Polygon / BSC / Avalanche

Getting Encrypted User IDs From your Web App

Blocto injects a global API into websites at window.bloctoProvider and window.ethereum at the same time. Currently, Blocto supports networks:

  • Ethereum

  • Arbitrum

  • Optimism

  • Polygon

  • BSC

  • Avalanche (C-Chain)

Please contact Blocto team to get your app ID.

Register Push Notification

let web3 = new Web3(window.ethereum) // or window.tangerine or window.bloctoProvider
if (web3.currentProvider.isBlocto) {
  try {
    let encryptedUserId = await web3.currentProvider.request({
      method: 'blocto_registerPushNotification',
      params: ["{appId}"]
    // send encryptedUserId to your backend
  } catch(e) {
    // error handling
    // e.mesage: see the below

Error Handling

  • blocked: user clicked the block button.

  • cancelled: user clicked the cancel button.

  • noNetworkConnection: no network connection.

  • appIdNotExist: your app id doesn't exist.

  • internal: wallet app internal error. Please contact us.

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