Wallet Discovery

Create a UI of wallets for user to log in

To allow the user to choose a wallet from the supported wallets you've added during FCL initialization, FCL provides Discovery for developers to focus on building their dApps.

There are two ways an app can use Discovery:

  1. Discovery UI: A wallet list applying Material Design

  2. Config: A list of wallets for custom UI

Discovery UI

Discovery UI is the simplest way to integrate Wallet Discovery. By calling showConnectWalletDialog(), FCL presents a list of wallet providers for a user to log in.

// MainActivity.kt
showConnectWalletDialog(this) {
    // authentication on user click

In order to use the new Material Design 3 themes, you need to add Material Design version 1.5.0 or later. Learn more about Material Design 3


FCL allows the developer to control over the authentication UI. You can access the wallet providers directly from Fcl.config.supportedWallets.

// Create your own UI by supplying wallet provider list as data to an adapter
val providerList = Fcl.config.supportedWallets

// Once you get the user's selected provider, you need to add it to config

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