Blockchain Interactions

Query and mutate Flow blockchain

Make sure you have set the configuration in Getting Started first.

We are assuming you have read the Scripts Documentation before this, as transactions are sort of scripts with more required things.

There are two different operations to interact with Flow blockchain:

  1. Query: Send arbitrary Cadence scripts to the chain and receive decoded values. Can be performed without user login

  2. Mutate: Use transaction to send Cadence code with specify authorizer to perform permanently state changes on chain. Must be performed after user logged in


import FCL_SDK

let script = """
import ValueDapp from \(valueDappContract)

pub fun main(): UFix64 {
    return ValueDapp.value

Task {
    let argument = try await fcl.query(script: script)
    label.text = argument.value.description
    // decode as Swift `Decodable` type or primitive type
    let value: String = argument.value.toSwiftValue()


// 1. login or authanticate first.

// 2.
Task { @MainActor in
    guard let userWalletAddress = fcl.currentUser?.address else {
        // handle error

    let scriptString = """
    import ValueDapp from 0x5a8143da8058740c

    transaction(value: UFix64) {
        prepare(authorizer: AuthAccount) {

    let argument = Cadence.Argument(.ufix64(10))

    let txHsh = try await fcl.mutate(
        cadence: scriptString,
        arguments: [argument],
        limit: 100,
        authorizers: [userWalletAddress]

While query is used for sending scripts to the chain, mutate is used for building and sending transactions.

Transaction status

In order to check transaction status, we can use getTransactionStatus in fcl to keep polling until transaction have been sealed into block.

import FCL_SDK

Task {
    do {
        let result = try await fcl.getTransactionStatus(transactionId: txHash)
    } catch {
        // handle error here.

After the status changes to sealed, we can query the Flow blockchain to see if the transaction works as expected.

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