Blocto iOS SDK supports two flows depending on whether the Blocto app is installed or not.

Blocto app installed

Based on development environment, you need to download the corresponding Blocto app for testing:

  • prod (App Store)

  • dev (Firebase App Distribution, you need to wait for releasing next version after joining it)

Blocto app not installed

SDK would open browser using Web SDK in your dApp to use the Blocto service.

Blocto iOS SDK uses Universal Links to bring back information from Blocto wallet app to yours. If you do not set Universal Links in Developer Dashboard (production, staging) or any situation that can't open your app correctly, we will use Custom URL Scheme instead.

Please make sure to implement BOTH Apple Universal Links and Custom URL Scheme for better user experience.

For custom URL Scheme please register scheme using prefix blocto with app id from Developer Dashboard e.g. blocto64776cec-5953-4a58-8025-772f55a3917b or blocto-staging64776cec-5953-4a58-8025-772f55a3917b

We highly recommend you provide a Universal Links rather than only use custom scheme for safety reason.

You can use tools such as ngrok for Universal Links on testing purpose.

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