Send Transaction

Once the web application is connected to Blocto wallet, it can send transactions on behalf of the user, with the user's permission.

In order to send a transaction, the web application must:

  • Create a transaction payload.

  • Have it be signed by the user's Blocto wallet.

  • Send it with Blocto custom RPC server.

Sign and submit a Transaction

Note that there're three types of transaction payload in aptos: entry_function_payload, script_payload and module_bundle, for the time being Blocto only supports entry_function_payload type.

// transfer 1000 Octas to 0x123
const transaction = {
  arguments: ['0x123', '1000'],
  function: '0x1::coin::transfer',
  type: 'entry_function_payload',
  type_arguments: ['0x1::aptos_coin::AptosCoin'],
const options = {
  max_gas_amount: '20000' // default to '50000'
// sign and submit the transaction & get the tx hash
const { hash } = await bloctoSDK.aptos.signAndSubmitTransaction(transaction, options)

Gas unit price is not supported in options currently, we will use estimate_gas_price from Aptos full node api instead.

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