Server Side Render

Integrating Blocto SDK with server side render frameworks.

Blocto SDK was designed for browser environments since it requires users to manually interact with the UI to approve transactions and signatures. Since it use some browser APIs, building app with SDK in node environment will likely fail.

However, you can use dynamic import with code splitting supported frameworks to set up Blocto SDK in the runtime:

let bloctoSDK
import('@blocto/sdk').then(({ default: BloctoSDK }) => {
  bloctoSDK = new BloctoSDK({
     ethereum: {
       chainId: '0x1',
       rpc: '<YOUR_INFURA_ID>',

Most modern code bundler like webpack support code splitting out of the box, and node supports dynamic import since version 13.2. If you're using an older version of node, please checkout the babel polyfill plugin.

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