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Getting Started

Initialize FCL and add Blocto as a wallet provider

In this guide we will show you prerequisite for Blocto Flow SDK.

A sample app is available at:



  • .Net Core version >= 2.1

  • iOS version >= 13

  • Android version >= 7.1

Release Page

FCL-Unity and Blocto-unity-SDK is available through github. You can download at github release page

Import .unitypackage

You can import Standard Asset Packages, which are asset collections pre-made and supplied with Unity, and Custom Packages, which are made by people using Unity. More description at unity document.

Choose Assets > Import Package > to import both types of package.


  1. Register app id (bloctoSDKAppId) in order to init BloctoWalletProvider

  2. Set the require Configuration, the more description please go to the flow document

  3. Create BloctoWalletProvider instance and register it with FllowClientLibrary

using Flow.FCL;
using Flow.FCL.Config
using Blocto.SDK.Flow;

var config = new Config();
config.Put("discovery.wallet", "")
      .Put("accessNode.api", "")
      .Put("", "testnet");
var walletProvider = BloctoWalletProvider.CreateBloctoWalletProvider(
    initialFun: GetWallet => {
                    var walletProvider = GetWallet.Invoke(
                        new FlowUnityWebRequest(gameObject, config.Get("accessNode.api")),
                        new ResolveUtility());
                    return walletProvider;
    env: {"testnet" or "mainnet"},
var fcl = FlowClientLibrary.CreateClientLibrary(
    initialFun: GetFCL => {
                    var fcl = GetFCL.Invoke(gameObject, _walletProvider, new ResolveUtility());
                    return fcl;
    config: config);

If you build unity on iOS platform, you will find LSApplicationQueriesSchemes in info.plist that created by blocto sdk. Pleases, don’t remove it.

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